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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Baby // First pregnancy update

I Have been MIA for quite sometime now and it's fair to say being pregnant has certainly been one of the main factors, that and a rather hectic few months. I wasn't too sure whether to post about my pregnancy and baby but seem as this pregnancy has been quite different i thought i would and it's also a pretty big part of my life right now. I'm now 20 weeks so well into my second trimester and think that's plenty long enough to give a update and talk about products I've come across in posts to come. 

First Trimester (first 13 weeks)

Loads of people say every pregnancy's different etc etc and up until this one i always thought it was a bit exaggerated, boy was i wrong. With my first little one i didn't experience any morning sickness or any unwanted "side effects" until i was a bit further on and then suffered with dizzy spells. On this little one i had morning sickness and had it bad, to be honest i don't know why it's called morning sickness as mine lasted all day...every day from around 7 weeks right through till around 16. I battled this with traditional remedies such as ginger nut biscuits, ginger tea, eating little but ofter etc to not much relief until i spoke to my midwife and was given some anti sickness tablets, they where a god send and made life more manageable although i didn't take them too excessively. Another odd thing i found that passed feeling sick, especially on the school run was chewing gum, a bit random but it seemed to help control it and whatever helped i was all for. Other than this and the normal feeling tired and needing the odd nap in the daytime my first trimester wasn't too crazy. 

During this period i also found i put on a bit of weight and my bump showed quite early so had to buy comfier clothes and i did get myself some maternity jeans and leggings. I also noticed that my skin changed and has now become more greasy around my nose and have more blemishes/spots. Because of this i found my current skin care and makeup needed a re-vamp and i had to get more suitable products, i especially had to change my foundation.

Second Trimester (so far)

Morning sickness is typically gone around 14 weeks (apparently) so when mine showed little signs of going i did get a little worried however it died down and went closer to the 16 week mark. That said i do still get the odd wave of feeling sick but it's manageable and I'm not actually sick (touch wood i haven't just jinxed myself). Another first in this pregnancy that I've had in the past few weeks is more vivid dreams/nightmares, not necessarily about baby but just quite bizarre intense dreams. I've heard this can be a common thing in pregnancy so not overly concerned and it's not currently effecting my sleep. With second baby a lot of people say you can feel it kick and move a lot sooner, medically on your first they say you can feel this from 16 weeks.  This wasn't the case for me so it was something i brought up to the midwife and was told that it's medically no different for your second so not to be concerned it's just your more aware of what it feels like, I would say i started feeling flutters closer to 18 weeks. However in these two weeks baby has been getting stronger what feels like every day and my husband and son have been able to feel baby which was lovely to share over the new year. I have found although my bump and boobs have increased quite a bit, weight wise i haven't put to much on but i am trying to be quite good and not over indulge like i did on my first pregnancy. 
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