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Friday, 26 February 2016

Lush Mothers day & Easter 2016 Collection

On Monday i was very lucky to be invited to my local Lush's spring tea blogger event, where they showed off this years mother's day & Easter collections. As always they pulled out all the stops and the shop looked incredible, we was greeted with adorable mini treats to nibble on and drinks on ice. Tea party themes are always one of my favourite and an Alice in wonderland spin on it certainly made it beautiful.  Without further a do lets jump into this years products at there are many to go through.

Mothers Day

Rose bombshell - bath bomb  £3.95
As the name of it suggests this bomb is filled with rose including yellow rose petals in the middle so is a real treat. Unlike the rose jam scent i would say this has a more traditional rose smell so if your not a fan of sweet rose this will certainly be one for you. 

Ladybird - bubble bar £3.95
I'm a big fan of bubble bars as you can get more than one bath from them, if you don't want a full on bubble bath and they always seem to leave my skin feeling silky smooth. I thought this little guy was very sweet to look at and the scent is really nice too with it containing peppermint and geranium oil, it's not quite what you'd expect him to smell of. 

Flowering tea - bubble bar £4.95
I have to say this was the one i got most excited about after seeing videos of it on the Lush website as it just looks so bloody pretty. It does have quite a unique floral scent and i find it is stronger than the others so may not be for everyone, however the fact it's like a floral tea and it has blue cornflowers inside makes it really beautiful. 

Yummy mummy - shower gel from £4.95
Retuning again from last year is the yummy mummy shower gel which is perfect for maybe those mums who prefer a shower over the bath. It has a beautiful rich violet shade and smells a little like strawberry's and cream. That along with it being filled with cocoa butter leaving the skin nicely moisturised it is a nice shower gel.

Sunrise - soap from £4.25
Lush certainly named this one right as the colours and the scent is very uplifting and cheerful. Filled with mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oil it has a incredible fruity and citrus scent and is lovely and moisturising from the murumuru butter. 

Gift sets from £10.95 - £35.50
One thing Lush is very hot on for each occasion is gift sets, i love the fact they always have a wide range with different price points and they always have the cutest packaging. I won't go into each one as we'd be here for awhile however there are six in total to choose from all containing a different selection of the products mentioned above and some well loved Lush products. Although the sets ladybird, mum and happy mothers day contain an exclusive special bubble bar called sunflower, which might i add is wonderful and so pretty.


Fluffy egg - bath bomb £2.95
This is my all time favourite Lush scent hands down and i am so happy it has returned yet again as it is in my opinion the best. It looks like a little cute Easter egg and transforms your bath water into a wonderful candy floss pink with a super sweet aroma, the ultimate girly sweet bath!

Humpty Dumpty - bath bomb £6.95
Noticeably on this bath bomb the price point is higher, this is because you can actually crack this one in half and get two baths from it if you choose. I'm a bit undecided on it's looks but i suppose it is somewhat cute, however the part i do think is brilliant is when you crack him open he has a fried egg inside! 

Which came first? - bath bomb £6.95
Again the same as humpty dumpty this bath bomb is priced higher as you can crack this in half and get two baths. This is another product retuning from last year although this time round they only come in pink. Unlike fluffy egg where you expect this to have a sweet scent it actually has a citrus scent with it containing lemon and grapefruit oil. It also contains a cheeky chick inside!

Golden egg - bath melt £3.95
 If glitters your thing than this is the one for you as it has returned containing even more glitter! If you want something more moisturising than a bath bomb than the bath melts are lovely as they contain nourishing ingredients such as cocoa butter so is a lovely skin treat. 

Bunch of carrots - bubble bar £6.25
I love the revamped colourful carrots but don't be fooled the scent and everything else is the same as they where last year, it's just they're a bit more funky. These are a little more expensive than other bubble bars as they are reusable, simply hold the bunch under running water and you could get three baths easy.

Ultraviolet - bubble bar £4.25
Again another favourite retuning for many is this pretty Gothic rainbow, which turns your bath into a deep purple pool. It has quite a sweet floral scent but it isn't as strong as you may think so is nice for a tranquil bath. 

Somewhere over the rainbow - soap from £4.25
If Dorothy made a soap than this is it right here, rainbow patterned and covered in gold glitter it screams wizard of Oz, not sure how that ties into Easter but who cares it's pretty. It's lovely sweet fruity scent is a sure pick me up and certainly matches it's looks. 

Bouncy bunny - shower jelly £3.95
I'm sorry i have to honest and i just can't get over how this one looks, i wanted a cute white bunny but instead he's kind of more creme brûlée. That aside it is nice to have a special addition to the shower jelly range like they do in the Christmas period and I'm sure there will be those who find him cute. 

Gift sets from £11.95 - £26.95
Again like the mothers day gift sets i won't go into each individual one but there are five in total ranging in sizes and price all containing a variety of the eater products and some fitting Lush products. The carrot and bouncy bunny gift sets however contain an exclusive bath bomb called spring bunny which is a very cute energising yellow bunny rabbit. 

Phew and we are done, that was quite a lot to go though but i do like to give a nice product run down so you guys know exactly what is in these collections and have some idea as to what you might like to get or spoil someone with. I'd like to say a massive thank you to Lush for inviting me as always it was a wonderful event! 

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