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Monday, 29 February 2016

Pregnancy update weeks 20 - 28

It has been quite sometime since my first pregnancy update and now that i have finished the second trimester i thought i would fill you guys in on the last eight weeks of my pregnancy. It seems completely crazy that i am now in the third and last trimester of my pregnancy and i think from this point i will do my updates more regularly as more will be going on etc. If you haven't already read my first baby update than you might like to as that will take you up to me being 20 weeks. 

Second trimester - weeks 20 - 28

In my last update i had mentioned about having quite intense dreams, well after having them for a little while they have finally died off, i think it was down to hormones and having quite a bit going on at that time but they didn't get too serious. I have also introduced a better sleep routine and believe this has helped relax me so unlike my first pregnancy I'm not finding sleep an issue and hopefully it will stay that way. If you'd like to know some of the products I've been using you can read about them here, and are great whether your pregnant or not. I am also extremely lucky and grateful that I'm still not having to get up through the night to go for a wee, hooray! 

I have also been very lucky in the sense of gaining weight as i am still fitting the maternity clothes i bought before turning 20 weeks and my tops prior pregnancy, as long as they're long enough to still cover bump. One thing i have only just invested in however is two nursing bras as i was finding under wire bras uncomfortable and felt paranoid wearing sports bras out in public, i don't feel like people need to see my nips. It's also good to change into a maternity or nursing bra as they allow your boobs to grow and your milk flow which will be getting ready. 

Despite being relatively good in this pregnancy i was rather poorly between weeks 21 - 24 as i had quite a nasty UTI now this is a little TMI however i wanted to include this as for pregnant woman it can be completely different and for me was a little worrying. Before i found out that's what i had i had really bad pain and cramping in my bump pacifically under my belly button, almost like a bad period pain and cramp along with this i didn't feel baby move as much so was rather concerned. Luckily it was nothing sinister but the doctor informed me that in pregnancy a lot of woman don't experience the typical UTI pain whilst peeing and if it's quite a nasty infection the uterus can become inflamed causing pain in the bump area. I did have to go on two separate antibiotics to clear the infection but once on the second course i did feel a lot better. However amongst the two courses i did also get a gum infection so had to take tablets for that as well, i know it wasn't a good few weeks huh.  I have certainly found this time around my gums have been completely different and was bleeding quite a bit however after changing my toothpaste to an oral b one targeting gum health in particular i have found that problem has completely gone. 

This pregnancy i am carrying little one completely different as my bump is a lot higher and baby is laying like a hammock across my belly instead of down. Due to this i have found since week 24 i am finding being upright for a long period of time I'm getting cramping and pain in my lower bump as my stomach muscles are working even harder to keep baby up. To help this i have bought a baby bump support band but as i only bought it last week and haven't been up to much i can't fully say if it's really helped. Other than a few little hiccups due more to being unwell i have actually found my second trimester quite easy going and have been rather lucky.
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