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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mama mio the tummy rub oil

Mama mio - the tummy rub oil £27

Deep moisturising and nourishing your skin is an absolute must when pregnant in the battle against stretch marks. I tried a few different creams and oils in my first pregnancy and never come across one that i loved enough to go straight back to so i started hunting around in early pregnancy and came across the brand Mama mio. Although i hadn't tried anything from this brand before i was really interested in the fact they had a special line targeted for pregnant skincare from a facial cleanser, stretch mark prevention and leg gel. 

I opted for a oil as oils soak deeper into the skin reaching the epidermis layer which is really important when your skin is stretching as much as it does through pregnancy. I was very taken by the ingredients in this oil and that they are designed to help the skins elasticity, again the key part to help prevent stretch marks. Unlike most brands Mama mio lists the ingredients used in this oil (and other products) and the benefits of them so you can be fully aware what your rubbing on your precious baby bump. 

Along with the benefits of what an oil is actually going to do one of the biggest factors is how it absorbs and feels on the skin, it can really make or break a product in my eyes. The tummy rub oil absorbs so quickly into the skin and no horrible greasy residue is left behind so you can happily get dressed after a good minute or two. With this said you don't need to use a ridiculous amount of product to cover a large surface area, which when your bump is ever growing is another key point as you don't want to have to buy a bottle every two weeks.  I use this from above boob area all the way to half way down my thighs at least three times a week and still have a lot left and would say i will probably only need another bottle to see me through my whole pregnancy and to help my skin shrink back after. 

One very common problem in pregnancy is itchy skin especially when your bump is growing usually caused by the stretching of your skin and it's at these points i know i especially need to up on my moisturising. Since using this oil i have found that annoying itching has practically gone so i know it's doing it's job. What makes this oil even more enjoyable to use is it's beautiful citrus fruity scent which subtly lingers on the skin, leaving the overall feel of this oil very luxurious and well worth the money.
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