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Friday, 5 February 2016

Review // Sleep easy with Lush

 Sleeping is one of the biggest thoughts to most of us, whether it's down to did we get enough, how good it was, feeling tired through out the day etc. Whether your pregnant, male or female sometimes relaxing sleep aids can be very welcome and who doesn't want to drift off easily into a nice deep well rested sleep. For over a year i have reached for certain bath bombs and products to help me unwind and relax for a good night sleep so i thought it would be quite nice to share my little collection from Lush.

A french kiss - bubble bar £4.25
One of the easiest and probably first thought to unwind would be a nice relaxing bath and this makes a perfect addition to help start that process. Filled with lavender, rosemary & thyme oil it gives a beautiful herbal scent and reminds me very much like being at a spa so is instantly relaxing. Being a bubble bar you can crumble as much or little as you desire, i usually use either half or a whole one depending on how many bubbles i want and how strong i want the smell. With it also containing coconut oil whilst you unwind it also moisturises your skin so your left feeling calm and smooth.

Dreamtime - bath oil £2,00
During this pregnancy i have been extra keen on nourishing and moisturising my skin and have found bath oils a brilliant product to add into my routine, so this being one that also helps me relax is one of my favourites. The combination of lavender and chamomile blue oil really helps unwind and relax allowing a nice sleepy state of mind and body, I also love watching it slowly melt away in the bath. 

Twilight - shower gel £19.50
Firstly and annoyingly this shower gel isn't the easiest to get hold of as it's not just in Lush's shower gel range, currently the only way to get hold of this is in the relax gift box for £19.50, however the other products included are lovely so it's not a waste and one of them is the already mentioned french kiss. Usually i wouldn't consider a shower gel something to unwind with or make me sleepy however this is no ordinary shower gel. Packed full of lavender, tonka and ylang ylang the scent of this is utterly divine, there is the twilight bath bomb which is very similar however i hands down prefer this and really wish it was permanent. After soaking in one of the above baths for an hour or so this just tips me over the edge into complete calmness and i always have a good night sleep after using this. 

Sleepy head - massage bar - Kitchen product
I'm a massive fan of the Lush massage bars, especially the therapy bar and would certainly say if you can't get hold of sleepy head, therapy is just as amazing and soothes the mind too. I bought sleepy head as it was packed full of calming oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, and fennel and again it has that wonderful soothing spa like scent. That mixed in with it's nourishing and moisturising qualities from the cocoa butter it melts effortlessly into the skin making it quick and easy to moisturise which after the sleep inducing bath is what you want and is fantastic to use on a baby bump and stretch mark areas. Or like the title of it implies you can also use this to give a nice sleepy massage to a loved one, possibly even a good product for baby massage which is something i used to love doing with my son when he was smaller. 

Dreamtime - temple balm - Kitchen product
Temple and pulse point balms or oils are probably the more un thought of product in a sleep routine however one I've been doing for around a year now. Again filled with lavender and chamomile blue it is very much like the dream time bath oil but the scent is very subtle. Using sleep balms on pulse points is a great way to help with sleep as the vein is closest to the skin on these points allowing the oils to absorb and give a greater affect, i will typically apply mine to my temples, neck (by the jugular vein) and wrists. Using this can also help relieve head aches and destress so can be used in the daytime if needed. 

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