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Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentines - Budget and luxury red lips

Red lips are a big makeup trend and it seems we all like to rock a red lipstick for valentines day so i thought i would share my favourite red lip products, no matter what your budget is these will get your red lip game on point.

Budget - Rimmel Kate Moss shade 111 £5.49 

Rimmel lipsticks have to be saluted for their quality and price and are one of my favourite drugstore lipsticks. The lasting power is great, ok so it does wear especially when eating and drinking so touch ups will be needed however that can be expected from a lot of lipsticks. The pigment and velvet matte texture is also brilliant and it glides on so is easy and comfortable to wear. 

Luxury - Tom Ford shade cherry lush £38

Lets be honest you can't get more luxury for this pick than a beautiful Tom Ford lipstick, everything about it screams elegance. As you can imagine this lipstick glides on effortlessly and unlike the Rimmel lipstick has more of a gloss finish so makes your lips look juicy and full. There is still need for touch ups after eating and drinking but i find this does wear nicely. 

The lip liner - MAC kiss me quick £15

Not everyone will wear a lip liner with their lipstick however i personally think it is a must with dark and bold colours and red most certainly falls into this category, wearing a lip liner will create those beautiful sharp lines and prevent it from bleeding. I have chosen the MAC kiss me quick liner for two reasons, firstly it is a beautiful red shade and find it matches a whole variety of red lipsticks so you can team it with either choice above. Secondly i love to wear this on it's own all over the lips as it is such a beautiful shade but not only that is stays in place remarkably well and doesn't rub off easy so you could even smooch your date and not both end up looking like a clown. 

The gloss - No7 high shine gloss shade almost red £9

If these aren't enough and you want to add a gloss on top, this is a lovely one to add as it's not horribly sticky like glosses can be. Like the lip liner this is a very good red to match with a range of red lipsticks so you can team it with a lot, be it a choice from above or a red lipstick you already own. This can also be worn on it's own if you don't want to have a full blown red lip game and just want a little something.
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