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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Pregnancy update weeks 28 - 31

Maternity clothes: I haven't needed to buy anything other than underwear as i wanted some comfort bras to sleep in so i picked some from Asda and they are so incredibly comfortable. This week i have decided that my maternity jeans are at their final stage as the bump band it getting a little too taught but i refuse to buy the next size up for the sake of a few weeks so i will now live in my maternity leggings and long tops. 

Sleep: I haven't been having any problems sleeping, thank god as i know broken sleep will be coming my way shortly. I have however found i have to get up in the middle of the night to pee and i am using my pregnancy pillow to get more comfortable as the weight of bump is quite heavy. 

Miss anything: I must admit last week i did start feeling a bit low and wanted my pre-pregnant body back with a nice spray tan and my skin to not have so many blemishes but this is completely natural and i soon snapped out of it. 

Movement: Baby has now moved into position and it is getting rather cramped in their now so instead of lots of kicking and punching she tends to be more rolling from side to side and getting hiccups quite a lot. I have also noticed a pattern of movement especially about 10 minutes after i wake and before i go to sleep.

Food cravings: Surprisingly i haven't had any cravings through this pregnancy i just find certain foods I'm enjoying a lot more, especially sweet treats, curry and pizza.

Symptoms: Since my last update i have developed the condition SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) which in short is caused by misalignment or stiffness in the pelvis and can be very painful. It doesn't affect baby but certain things like walking, lifting one leg up to get dressed for example and turning over in bed can be painful. I especially noticed it getting out the bath one evening and then getting dressed after so spoke to my doctor and have been referred to the physiotherapy department where i have my first appointment in the first week of April. To help i am trying to take things easier by not doing quite so much walking and avoiding lifting just one leg, which is more awkward than it sounds. If you would like to know more about the condition, symptoms etc than here is the NHS information sheet

Happy or moody? Through this pregnancy i haven't been that hormonal so am relatively happy most of the time.

Looking forward too? I am certainly getting very excited about meeting my little lady, especially after packing my hospital bag. I'm also looking forward to a nice big roast dinner with the family for Easter weekend.
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