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Monday, 4 April 2016

Review Emma Hardy amazing face moringa cleansing balm

For me if I'm going to spend on luxury items skincare is at the top of my list where i do like to treat myself. Naturally when i was getting married i wanted my skin to be at it's best so i did splurge on several different skincare items, this being one of them. From that moment (which is now over a year) i have been using the moringa cleansing balm so i think it's about time i actually posted a review.

The info: The packaging and overall look of this product is extremely luxurious and pretty, which may not be important to some however this sits out and takes pride of place amongst my skincare shelf in the bathroom. This is a balanced daily cleanser packed with so many beneficial ingredients it literally does everything you could want and need from a cleanser but just to round it up it deep cleans pores, moisturises and calms all skin types. To use you simply massage some of the balm into the skin and wipe away using the cleansing cloth that comes with it. 

My thoughts: I originally bought this as i heard so many amazing reviews and wanted to get my skin at its best for my wedding day so treated myself to a 100ml jar. The first thing i noticed and was very happy with was how little product you need to remove a full face of makeup as it melts into the skin. I also really like the cleansing cloth that comes with it as one side is a soft flannel and the other is a muslin cloth, so it both gently wipes away any makeup and dirt and then to finish use the muslin side to gently exfoliate. At the time i first started using this i had very dry skin and found that it didn't strip anything from my skin, in fact it gently removed any dry skin whilst moisturised at the same time. I now have combination skin with an oily t-zone and despite this being oil based it balances out my skin nicely removing any excess oil and minimising the appearance of pores round my nose. I also find no matter what stage my skin has been at it has always left my skin feeling smooth and looks brighter and more taught, leaving my skin looking really healthy. 

I did go through a period of not using this and once i started using it again i could really see the difference it makes. As much as i don't want to sound like a commercial it really does change the appearance of my skin, it moisturises, firms, brightens and really smooths out my skin as well as improving and calming my rosacea. Because it lasts so long and makes such a vast improvement for me it is worth every penny and is a product i would class as holy grail and a skin saviour. 
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