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Sunday, 15 May 2016

May goals & dreams

Lately i have been feeling somewhat deflated and not entirely happy with certain areas of my life, not in a dramatic sense more that I'm sitting back and letting time and life pass by. To help shake this off and not be so much of a procrastinate kind of person i thought i would start a new monthly goals and dreams post to help push me in the right direction. 

1. Take steps to become a morning person. For awhile now i have envied those who not just wake up super early but actually get loads of things done by time it's 10am and there's me only half ready for the day and just had my breakfast despite doing the school run. The waking up early shouldn't be to much of an issue considering I'm about to have my baby any day now but i hope to have myself up looking fresh, kids ready to rock and roll and a bit of house work done. 

2. Branch out with cooking. I'm quite lucky in the sense that my husband is the chef in my household and he's bloody good at it too however i think there's something nice and mumsy about cooking a nice family meal. But not only do i want to just generally cook more i want to branch out into more healthy from scratch meals and desserts. A few weeks ago i baked a banana cake for the first time and it was actually really good, might not be ground breaking stuff but little steps to make myself happier i think is good.

3. Blogging more. It's clear to see that my blog has taken a bit of a back seat for a little while now, not that it could of been helped as obviously some things have to come first. However i really want to throw myself back in and uploading more frequently, i enjoy blogging and it's important to do things for yourself too. 

4. Having some kind of fitness regime. Again with baby due any day now i have gained a bit of weight and haven't been able to be that active, not that I'm complaining I'd rather listen to my body and do what i need to than obsess over how i look. Nor do i want to become stick thin as soon as i have baby i just want a healthier and better well-being me. I plan on starting easy with some yoga and pilates that i can do at home whilst baby naps, again small steps to a more well balanced me. 
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