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Monday, 2 May 2016

Pregnancy update weeks 32 - 37

Maternity clothes: I have been in the limbo of not wanting to buy any bigger clothes as i see it pointless for the few short weeks i have left yet really running out of things to wear, a very really pregnancy problem. So instead i settled on buying some Primark pyjamas to lounge around the house in as that's pretty much what i plan on doing until labour comes and a few weeks after baby. 

Sleep: Surprisingly despite how far gone and how big i am, I'm still on average only getting up once a night for a pee and thanks to my pregnancy pillow am very comfortable throughout the night so sleep has been rather good. I am very pleased about this obviously however i know it's not going to continue once baby arrives so appreciating every night from now on. 

Miss anything: Over the past two weeks with the nicer weather i have really missed being able to wear nicer clothes and do more pampering. When simple things like washing your hair and shaving your shines are a massive chore other beauty treatments such as tanning and nicely painted toe nails aren't really happening. And if I'm being completely honest i am now at the stage where i miss intimacy not going to go to much TMI but it has been awhile now and the thought that i still have to wait for some time after labour makes me a little sad ha.

Movement: Little one is now getting engaged so lots of delightful head down movements have been happening and they aren't 100% pleasant but it's nice knowing that baby should be in the right position when the times comes. 

Cravings: I'm not going to say there as strong as most pregnant ladies get but i have been eating an awful lot of Reece's peanut butter cups and syrup sponge pudding with clotted cream ice cream. It's as delicious as it sounds however my increasing hips and thighs are making me weep ever so slightly, it's fair to say i will need to knock it on the head soon.

Symptoms: My SPD has got a lot worse so daily activities are now a lot slower and more painful, as much as I'm trying to stay active and do certain things like the school run i am resting a lot more. To ease the pain i have found nice warm baths help so I'm going through a lot more Lush bath bombs. This past week i have also been a little unwell and had to go up the hospital one evening for possible pre - eclampsia, as i was showing a lot of the signs such as feet, ankle and finger swelling, constant head ache and chest pain. It's still on going and fingers crossed this isn't the case and it's just multiple late pregnancy annoyances. 

Happy or moody: Despite me not feeling so great i have been rather happy, however i am feeling a little anxious about going through labour again.

Looking forward too: I'm really looking forward to seeing Aiden become a big brother, he's getting so excited about it and telling me how he's going to help it melts my heart a little. 

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