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Monday, 9 May 2016

Pregnancy update weeks 37 - 38

Maternity clothes: This has been practically the same as the last update however i am basically just living in sweats and pyjamas in between doing the school runs. Comfort is literally all i care about right now.

Sleep: It would seem i jinxed myself as just after my last post went up i haven't been sleeping quite so well. I've been getting up several times to go to the loo, turning over in bed is agony because of my SPD and i seem to get heartburn conveniently just as I'm about to go to sleep. Not only that on a few nights i have woken in the early hours wondering if I'm about to go into labour and having some pretty realistic false alarms. 

Miss anything: Being able to get around a lot easier and it feel like every movement takes an absolute life time!

Cravings: This has to be a massive frustration this week as i have that horrible feeling where you want something but you just don't know what and noting seems to make you happy.

Symptoms: The biggest symptom i have had this week has to be braxton hicks, now i had this when i was pregnant with Aiden but this seems to be on another level. I'm not sure if that's because every pregnancy is different or if i know now what labour feels like it's bringing back memories and therefore worrying me more. I am also suffering with swollen ankles and feet which is both embarrassing as they look horrible and uncomfortable so them paired with my SPD really makes being mobile not so easy. I have also been getting hormonal headaches which are like a constant tension headache that paracetamol doesn't really help with, so yeah all in all it's been a bit of a crappy week health wise.

Happy or moody: I'm not quite at the being an unbearable bitch stage however i am slowly getting there. It's fair to say from everything stated above I'm starting to get a little cranky now but I'm trying my best to keep on top of it. 

Looking forward too: Some of these late pregnancy annoyances going so i don't feel quite so grouchy. 
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