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Monday, 16 May 2016

Pregnancy update weeks 38 - 39

Not going to lie i am in complete shock that I'm righting this update as i was convinced i was going to be early. Despite already having a child this is also uncharted territory for me now as i had Aiden at 38 weeks, i know I'm only a few days over yet my mind is still running off with the idea of being late and what happens with being induced etc. 

Maternity clothes: Clothes wise i am getting a little thin on outfits i can actually wear, especially seem as my Adidas trainers are the only shoes that will fit my swollen feet. I have however caved and bought a nice maxi dress from H&M as the weather is warming up and i pray to find some flip-flops that i can wear. You may have also seen my post earlier in the week ( read here ) on the stunning maxi nightdress from ASOS which i have been loving lounging around the house in. 

Sleep: Seems to be improving ever so slightly compared to last week as I'm not having braxton hicks through the night so not waking quite so often, however the multiple trips to the loo and the very painful SPD has still been there. 

Miss anything: Wearing whatever shoes i fancy but can't due to my massive swollen feet. 

Cravings: I have developed a love for Costa's mango and passion fruit cooler along with their bacon bap, just me mentioning this makes me want them. I can't say how glad i am now that i passed my driving test so i can go and grab these whenever i fancy. 

Symptoms: You guessed it, massive swollen feet and ankles. After seeing the midwife this week i have been assured it's nothing to worry about and is just water retention from circulation being cut off from the weight of baby on my hips. Despite this being a normal side affect it is one that is massively starting to bring me down, as silly as that may sound. My SPD is also getting increasingly worse, to the point i could probably do with a stick to aid walking however by time i get one i would of probably/hopefully had baby. If i couldn't drive then i certainly would of called my physiotherapist on Monday however now i can drive i have been able to cope with the school runs so am currently just putting up with it.

Happy or moody: I have been a little up and down if I'm honest, happy that i have new found freedom driving and pretty low that i can't easily wear nice summer clothes. 

Looking forward too: Eventually being able to wear flip-flops and have a tan! 
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