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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Review Estee Lauder sumptuous waterproof mascara

Estee Lauder Sumptuous waterproof mascara - £21

Since i started wearing makeup mascara has been the one product i have never gone without and i dread to think how many i've gone through in my makeup wearing life. The search for a waterproof mascara that truly works is on every womans mind and ladies call the search off as i have discovered it.

The info: A lash multiplying and volumising mascara giving a false lash effect with minimal effort. It has a oversized brushcombe wand and sleek blue packaging. The formula of the mascara is fragrance free so very kind to the eye area, lasts for 10 hours and is smudge and flake free. 

My thoughts: Starting with the brush i am slightly biased as this is my favourite type and find it just works, that said one factor i really like about this brush is that it is tapered so isn't quite so large for the lashes in the inner corner of the eye. Because of this i find less accidents happen with unwanted mascara on the eyelid and it's easy to use on the bottom lashes also. The brush also grips each lash coating them evenly and fans them out creating that big eye and false lash effect. I particularly love how this mascara looks after i curl my lashes as i find it holds the curl really well for the day. Now for the most important factor how waterproof is it? To put it bluntly i wore this mascara on my wedding day and i have also worn it for a funeral, i realise that sounds extreme but if that isn't testing it to the extreme i don't know what is. On both occasions it literally didn't budge, there was no unsightly black streaks down my face and not only is that impressive once it dried it didn't look all horrible and clumped together like some waterproof mascaras can.

I have never had an issue with it not wearing through the day or flaking so i would certainly say it lives up to 10 hours of wear. With all this said you might be thinking yeah but i bet it's a nightmare to get off and if I'm honest if your not using an oil based eye makeup remover it can be a bit of a nightmare. For me this isn't an issue as i like an oil based makeup remover as i find them quicker and more efficient and to be honest i think for such an outstanding waterproof mascara it's a very small con and to me not a con at all......unless i've ran out of eye makeup remover that is. I have repurchased this mascara serval times already and i think that talks for itself, it's truly worth every penny. 
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