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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Review Smash box be legendary punked matte lipstick

 Smash box Be legendary matte lipstick shade Punked - £17

For awhile i have swooned over alternative lipstick shades and a matte grey was top of my list, however i was finding i was being extremely picky over the shade and finish i was after so didn't own one. Then Smashbox released their Be legendary matte range *heavenly trumpet noise*.

The info: Extremely sleek and simple matte black packaging with a box style lipstick case, not exactly ground breaking however I'm so used to seeing round lipsticks i actually like this and find it still different. Stay true intense pigmented lipstick with feather-light and comfort wear despite being matte, with stay put ability.

My thoughts: Firstly lets discuss this incredible shade which i have to say lives up to the claims Smashbox has made. It is a stay true shade so the colour from the photo to how it looks in "real life" is exactly the same and the pigmentation is insane. The colour is bold and vibrant even on first application and doesn't apply patchy so you don't need a million coats to get a true even shade. The formula for a matte lipstick is incredible as it glides on so easy without tugging and is surprisingly moisturising. Does it last all day, of course not what lipstick does so we all don't believe such claims anyway, however it does stay put fairly well, touch ups needed after eating and drinking as can be expected. I also like how this wears as it fades around the centre of the lips quite nicely so even before you re-apply it still looks good. 

This is my first Smashbox product and i have to say i am very impressed. At first i did see the price a little high however this was the perfect dark matte grey that i was after and it doesn't disappoint. Literally the only down side i have is that i don't have a matching lip liner so i have to apply with a small brush to get those crisp lip lines. There's no denying it Smashbox punked has my heart. 
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