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Thursday, 16 June 2016

My Second Labour

All has been a little quite on my blog for the last three weeks and that would be due to me finally having my beautiful little girl. I thought it would be good to return with my labour story although i'm not much of a story teller, if your squeamish or not overly fond about labour maybe miss out on this one.

My due date was on the 23rd of May and rather surprisingly (cause what baby actually comes on their due day) in the early morning i started to get contractions, i let them run their course and got into a bath to relax however after a few hours they fizzled out. An hour or so later they returned to about one every ten minutes but i was getting horrific pain in my back so i called the ward and went in to be examined only for the contractions to stop again as soon as i got there. To help keep a record of my contractions so i knew exactly how far apart they where and how long they was lasting for i got a app on my phone (simply called contractions) and would greatly advise it. Whilst being at the hospital I was hooked up to a machine so they could monitor babies heartbeat for an hour and after an examination was told i was 2cm dilated so labour was happening just slowly so was sent home. I was extremely disappointed that i had a day of contractions and no baby at the end of it but went home and got some rest as advised waiting for it to happen.

 I waited...and waited, in fact i waited until Thursday morning before the actual labour began and boy once it started it didn't take long. I woke around 5am and felt her move right down into position, there wasn't any pain with it but was a bizarre feeling and went back to sleep. I then woke up again at 7 am and no sooner was my eyes open my first contraction came and was incredibly strong, from the get go they where coming every five minutes so i got the husband to call my mum to come over and take Aiden to school and called the ward to tell them i was coming in. As soon as my mum walked in we left for the hospital and of course got stuck in the morning traffic rush, the thought of how many people saw me in my pjs shouting fuck whilst panting is somewhat amusing now. I recalled being told off for screaming in my first labour and was told to turn that energy into a push, which if you haven't had a child sounds insane however it does work. So not wanting to start pushing in the car i decided shouting fuck would be a better option than staying quite, at first it worried Phil until i explained between contractions.

Once we arrived at the hospital i had a quick examination and was told i was 6cm dilated, i asked for the birthing pool as that was what i had planned to help with my SPD and on Aiden i found being in the bath at home very relaxing so wanted to try it. We was took down to the pool room at 8:30 and whilst waiting for the bath to run my waters broke. Once i got in i had a moment and completely panicked, i couldn't get my breathing right, i had no pain relief so the contractions where intense and all i could say and think was "i can't do this". Luckily Phil calmed me down and i changed position from being sat down to on all fours with my arms on the seat so i was using them to push down onto through the contractions. After only 20 minutes of pushing she was born and instead of coming out behind me she came up under me but as my arms was too weak to pick her up Phil had to grab her, which for him was a overwhelming moment as he was the first person to see her face and hold her. I then changed position so i was sat down and Phil placed her on my chest and it was such an amazing moment. 

Getting out the bath and then onto the bed (which was in the same room) to deal with the after birth and be stitched as i tore felt slightly undignified, sore and gross but for the experience of the water birth i would say is completely worth it. Because i had such a good labour and Esmé was born 7.12lb and was perfectly healthy we was allowed to come home the same day and was discharged at 4pm, it still seems crazy that she was born at 9.22am and we went home a few hours later. I am incredibly lucky to have had such good labours with both my babies and am so happy that i got to experience a water birth.
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