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Monday, 20 June 2016

Perfect smooth skin - Cuppa Joe coffee body scrubs

Cuppa Joe St Clements coffee body scrub - £12.50* (Shop here)

Exfoliating is a massive part of my skin care regime and something i do very regularly to help keep my skin nice and smooth. For quite some time i have been using natural sugar based exfoliators as exfoliators with plastic beads don't break down and then go into the sea so aren't environmentally friendly. Cuppa Joe are extremely ethical as a company as not only are all their ingredients 100% natural and don't contain any nasty chemicals the ingredients used are from fair-trade farmers. This pleases me as i know when i'm using it not only is it benefiting my skin i'm also doing my part. 

There are many coffee scrubs available but Cuppa joe interested me as they currently offer six different types of scrubs, each with interesting combinations that target different problems. My first choice was the St Clements scrub as it's designed to target scarring and cellulite, seem as i've just had a baby it seemed the obvious one to try. Packed with arabica coffee, sweet orange & lemon oil the scent is beautiful and uplifting and hits you as soon as you open the seal. Along with the coffee it contains flakes of sea salt and unrefined sugar to help buff away any dead/dry skin, this combination at first might sound like it would have quite a corse texture but it's actually very gentle whilst still doing it's job. Lastly the macadamia and cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil in it hydrates leaving the skin perfectly polished and smooth. 

I like to use this twice a week and find it the perfect thing to do whilst i'm in the shower letting my conditioner absorb into my hair. Simply turn the shower off (or as i do just turn the shower head away) grab a small handful and massage all over in circular motions, once completely covered i then focus on any problem areas for about 5 minutes and then rinse away. When i used it for the first time i was pleasantly surprised with just how smooth and moisturised my skin felt without making it red or angry as i do have quite sensitive skin. Because of how well it works i have now included this as part of my fake tan regime as smooth and hydrated skin is the key point to ensure a perfect tan. I love how easy and quick this is to include in my skin care routine and also how a little goes a long way so it won't break the bank to maintain my need for sexy smooth skin. 
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