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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Stressless baby feeding - Tommee Tippee Perfect prep machine

Tommee Tippee Perfect prep machine £120 - (shop here)

"The Tommee Tippee closer to nature perfect prep machine makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes." 

Having a baby is an incredible and life changing moment there is no denying it, to think you have created life and the overwhelming love you feel for them the moment you see their face is undoubtedly breathtaking. But lets be completely honest it is also life changing as not everything in a daytime routine is as quick & simple, sleep isn't allowed anymore and taking a shower is classed as me time. Feeding is the most repetitive activity you will do and if you bottle feed your baby like i do making up a fresh bottle each time and waiting for it to cool can be a soul destroying 10 minutes at 3am whilst your hungry baby is screaming in your ear.

For that reason alone whilst i was pregnant with Esmé and i saw the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine i knew i needed it. Despite Phil thinking it wasn't necessary and thought i was just spending more money than needed on baby equipment, i had a diva moment and told him i was having it, especially as i would be the one doing the night feeds. To make it seem like i wasn't being quite so spoilt i did buy it whilst on sale for around £60, this does come up in baby sales quite often so if your expecting keep an eye out. 

The perfect prep machine essentially makes a fresh bottle in under 2 minutes at body temperature so is ready to give to baby straight away. It does this in two very easy and affective steps, firstly a hot shot of water is dispensed into the bottle, to this you add the correct amount of milk scoops and place back on the bottle tray, after pressing the button again the remaining water will fill the bottle up to the number of oz's selected and that's it. It can make a bottle from a 4oz up to a 11oz so will see baby through for quite sometime. Even though it is served at body temperature the hot shot of water sterilises the milk powder and bottle (note bottles still need sterilising prior to this) so you can feel safe in the knowledge all germs are still killed as they would if making a feed via the kettle. To ensure even better water condition it is also filtered in the hopper which holds enough water for several feeds. 

Not only is it extremely fast and easy to use, the initial set up and overall understanding of the machine is very straight forward. It indicates via a light on the front when the water is to low or too hot, when it needs a clean and when the filter needs replacing so it takes the worry out of the maintenance side of things and you know each bottle is safe to give to your baby. For me the only lights i have had to deal with is the low water level which is pretty self explanatory and the water in the hopper being too hot, to avoid this i allow the water to cool in the kettle before i put it in the machine. It can also be used with pretty much any baby bottle brand so is not just restricted to their bottles which is fantastic. Size wise it doesn't take up to much counter space, the only thing that might be considered as a negative is it does have a rather short lead.

Overall i am 100% in love with mine and even at full price would say it is worth every penny, it has took away the stress of feeding time and in turn has made a happier mummy and baby. It has made night feeds bearable and faster meaning more sleep and as a parent every minute is precious. Not only does it make the process quicker i also feel a sense of added security knowing the bottle i'm giving Esmé has been filtered and sanitised completely so i'm giving her the best i can and at a temperature that would be the same if i was breast feeding. It might not be seen as an essential purchase for your baby but even Phil is happy that i insisted and neither of us would be without it. 
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