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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Don't overlook this Holland & Barrett shop

I can't lie Holland & Barrett isn't a shop i often went in or was overly excited by, the shops we had was rather small and as far as i was aware just stocked vitamin supplements. That was until i was invited to the opening of the new Holland & Barrett shop in Drakes circus mall in Plymouth and i am not over-exagerating when i say i was completely blown away. As soon as you walk in the shop is modern and fresh and so large it took me a second to absorb it and decide what area i wanted to look at first. The shop is broke down into three main sections, beauty & home, sport & nutrition and food & drink each section even has it's own interactive style shopping experience.

Beauty & Home

This was by far the section that impressed me and took me by complete surprise the most as i was utterly oblivious to H&B having anything to do with the beauty world, boy was i wrong. They have an exclusive vegan & vegetarian friendly cosmetic line which includes makeup brushes, Zoya nail polishes, bath bombs and every kind of beauty product you can imagine. In this section they even have a make your own body scrub stand where you get to choose each component so can completey make it your own which is an amazing touch. If your as obsessed as i am about yankee melts then believe me when i say the H&B version will blow your mind, there is a wall dedicated to their scent chips and you pick up a box and fill away like a pick n mix bar. This way you can mix scents together to create some amazing scent combinations with ease and no mess or just burn one kind if that's what takes your fancy. 
Sport & Nutrition

Not exactly a section i'm familiar with but still really impressive so if your a gym bunny or sports obsessed than there's no doubt you need to go in here. Along with supplying protein powders and all the other nutritional supplements needed for the fitness world there is the amazing H&B body composition machine. Now excuse me as a lot of the information i got about this went completely over my head as i'm just starting my fitness journey but this machine measures everything you could possibly want or need to know about your body. Not only does it do your BMI but also informs you about your bone density, muscle mass, muscle tone, if you favour one side or a pacific area and body fat which then gets printed off for you to keep. This service only costs £5 and is free if you spend over £20, in my eyes this is nothing for the amount of information it gives and based on that one of the staff can recommend products that will truly benefit you.

Food & drink

Now don't get me wrong i was aware H&B sold bags of nuts & dried fruit but they have took it to another level here with a healthy pick n mix stand, fresh olives, a tea bar and a make your own oil & vinegar dressing. All of these fresh and interactive stops make the food look incredible, i don't even like olives but i found myself wanting to pick up a pot and fill it to the brim. On top of this they also have a massive gluten free vegetarian, and vegan range where all the food looks really nice and appetising. The healthy pick n mix stand is perfect to try new healthy snacks and i think would also encourage little ones to try as you can make it fun choosing. 

Holland & Barrett is becoming international and with a shop like this i am not surprised by that at all. It's certainly not a shop i will be overlooking anymore and am so glad i was invited along to have my eyes opened. They also have a H&B loyalty card which is free and every time you shop you collect points and each month they send you vouchers, defiantly worth having if you shop here a lot. As far as i'm aware more of these stores will be opened across England and if there's not one by you yet get messaging them, however if your close to Plymouth than certainly come on down and see for yourself. 
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