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Monday, 4 July 2016

Smooth, hydrated & radiant skin - When sheet face masks

When sheet face mask , snow magic & glamour base £7 each (Shop here)*

Snow magic - "When you want clear and brighter looking skin, put on When snow magic to help your skin find it's radiance and charm." 

Glamour base - "When you want your makeup to look great and last longer, prepare your skin with When Glamour base for smooth and supple looking skin."

Smooth, hydrated and radiant skin is always top on the agenda for most people when it comes to beauty. Skincare is certainly an area in my beauty regime that I'm happy to splurge on and look for luxury products to try and keep my skin at it's best. A huge part in this is face masks as not only do they benefit the skin they're always lovely and easy to include in a at home spa pampering. There are many different forms of face masks and sheet masks have certainly took the beauty world by storm lately and their popularity is increasing and rightly so. When sheet masks have taken it up a step by using bio-cellulose sheets which are proven to be more effective at delivering results and are also more eco-friendly than other fabric or hydro-gel masks. Each sheet mask is infused with super hydrating and gentle fine hyaluronic acid, ginseng extracts, high quality plant extracts and are parabens & benzophenone free making them incredibly beneficial to your skin.

 So what are sheet masks? Well they're the ones you see that look particularly freaky on and are like the Jason mask without the blood....a little too much, sorry. They are a sheet soaked in serums and other ingredients (depending on it's desired effect) which are tailor made to fit the face with eye, mouth and nose holes so it can be placed on straight from the packet.  I have tried several different sheet masks and found them quite ill fitting and because of that didn't stay in place meaning they didn't deliver 100% on results. When masks are not like this as they have carefully placed slits in the mask so they are more adjustable, this makes it fit comfortably and stay in place without the need for constant adjusting. Along with this as they are made from infused coconut jelly they have a gel like texture which gives them far better contact with the skin allowing the ingredients in the mask to penetrate the skin and get to work. 

When masks are so practical and easy to use they can be taken on trips away and if you wished even used on the plane, I'm not sure if i would be brave enough as that would mean boarding make-up less but it's an option. Each sheet mask comes individually wrapped and once opened simply discard the plastic protector sheets (from each side of the mask) and apply it to your face, leave on for half an hour and then peel off. It doesn't even require washing off as you can massage the excess serum into your face and neck. This isn't something i usually do as i have found other brands quite sticky and unpleasant however this absorbed nicely into my skin after a little massaging. 

When have five different sheet masks each with a different focus so you can choose which mask will give what your skin needs at that time. I have personally really enjoyed the Snow magic mask which aims to brighten the skin, after not having the time to look after my skin it was looking rather dull and un-loved. After using Snow magic and leaving the excess serum on overnight the next morning my skin looked radiant and loved again with barely any effort needed, making a tiered and hectic mummy very happy. You can buy these separately or in box sets, one set includes each mask they offer so a perfect way to treat your skin and see what mask is your favourite.

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