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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Goodbye spots - Lush grease lightning

Lush Grease lightning £6.50 (shop here)

Spots, the one skin complaint we all get and absolutely loath. As soon as the dreaded red pimple appears my immediate thought is shit, then swiftly followed by i need to get rid of this ghastly sight immediately. Threat no more as i have found the ultimate spot zapper that will banish them quickly in a hygienic and non harming manner, spot pickers I'm looking at you...


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Beautiful skin from within - Regime London deluxe collagen

Regime London deluxe collagen capsules - £21.99* (shop here)

To achieve beautiful, flawless and age proof skin is the desire of pretty much every human on this planet, the yearning for perfect skin. Ageing is inevitable so wrinkles and not as taught skin is going to happen its a sad reality. However with so many things on the market now it doesn't have to happen so fast and we'll be damned to just stand by and let mother nature take its course. 

Skin is incredibly complex, trust me after doing a beauty therapy course and having to learn the anatomy of it i should know. Yes anti ageing creams, serums and moisturising are essential to having good skin but these things only penetrate the skin so far so having a supplement that can get to the deeper levels of the skin and where skin cells are produced is a huge benefit and this is exactly where these supplements come in to play. 

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