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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Goodbye spots - Lush grease lightning

Lush Grease lightning £6.50 (shop here)

Spots, the one skin complaint we all get and absolutely loath. As soon as the dreaded red pimple appears my immediate thought is shit, then swiftly followed by i need to get rid of this ghastly sight immediately. Threat no more as i have found the ultimate spot zapper that will banish them quickly in a hygienic and non harming manner, spot pickers I'm looking at you...

One of my biggest concerns leading up to my wedding was having a big spot rear it's ugly head the day before and me having to walk down the aisle and have it all like "hey look at me" in all of my pictures. Naturally leading up to the wedding i had some hormonal spots so went on a hunt to find something that would help and that's when i came across grease lightning, cue spot lights and heavenly music from above please. This product contains ingredients such as witch hazel, tea tree and lavender oil, creating a antibacterial and antiseptic gel. Getting slightly technical it works well as the witch hazel is naturally astringent it absorbs excess oils and also has anti-inflammatory properties so helps stop the spot in it's tracks and look a lot less ugly. 

Obviously everyones skin is different and will react differently however personally for me it has almost immediate effects as my spots will look less angry and will reduce in size and heal 100 times faster. It can sting ever so slightly when applying, especially if i catch them early and they are the big spots under the skin but it isn't bad enough to bother me and is a sign it's working. It also works brilliantly as a preventative, so as soon as i feel a spot coming if i apply this the spot won't even break out. The gel itself doesn't have a sticky texture and absorbs into the skin quickly so this can be applied a few times through the day if needs be, i apply extra in the night so that it can really wipe the spot out and in the morning it's much better. 

I can not praise this product enough and i always have a bottle in my skincare bag so i can take care of unwanted spot situations asap. In fact i currently have one trying to breakout on my brow bone and it was because of this i remembered i needed to share this product with everyone so we can win the war against unwanted blemishes together. 
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