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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Lush Valentines blog event & products

 Lush Valentines day range (shop here)

I think it's fair to say i am a well known lover of Lush products and I'm always very excited for my local shops blog events to see all the new goodies. This time we got to see what valentines is like in the land of Lush and oh my they did not disappoint. There are quite a few products some new and others are making a welcoming return from last year so I'm just going to dive straight in.

Bath bombs: 

Lover lamp £4.25 - This bath bomb is a retuning favourite for most and i can see why as it is pretty cute. It has a subtle scent of vanilla and orange so isn't to over powering, perfect for those who aren't keen on overbearing scents. It has the added cute valentines touch as when fizzing away in the bath lots of confetti love hearts pop out with larger cocoa butter hearts to make sure your skins left silky smooth.

Rose bombshell £4.25 - For rose lovers this is a must as i don't think you could get anything more rosy. Filled with rose oil and rose absolute the smell is wonderful but what tips this over the edge is when fizzing away real rose petals come out of the centre and float on the pretty pink water. Ps. Whilst this one was being shown to us we also learnt that said rose petals are hand picked at dawn as that is when they are at their best, romance overload!

Over & over £4.25 - If you was a fan of the never mind the ballistic from the Christmas range than be prepared to fall in love again. The zingy citrus scent from lime and fennel oil is far from your typical valentines product so is perfect if rose isn't your cuppa tea. Dipped in cocoa butter not only does it look lovely it will leave your skin super soft. Not only that is has a awesome hot pink centre so is a joy to watch as well.

Cupid £2.95 - A very cute little floral bath bomb, there's not really much more to say.

Bubble bars & melt:

Lovestruck £4.25 - For all the emoji lovers out there this ones for you. A subtle citrus scent with lemon oil this isn't personally one for me but is cute all the same and gives the bath a wonderful bright colour.

Ladybird £3.95 - Some of you may remember this from last years mothers day collection, well this year this little guy is coming back to say i love you. I really enjoy the unique minty scent this bubble bar has so I'm happy for his early return.

Unicorn horn £4.25 - By far one of my all time favourite Lush products so i am extremely happy for it's return. It looks adorable and girly and smells insane! On looks alone you would expect this to be rather sweet smelling, a bit like candy mountain but instead it's filled with lavender, neroli and ylang ylang oil. This combination is so relaxing and makes me feel like I'm at a lovely spa. The bath is also transformed into a beautiful baby pink with silver lustre so it just makes the whole experience pretty darn magical.

Two hearts beating as one, bath melt £3.95 - This is such a wonderful product and yet so simple. Two cocoa butter hearts that interlock together and when put in the bath melt and spin creating a mesmerising orange and hot pink mess.

 Everything else:

Prince charming, Shower cream from £5.50 - He's back and by god he's pink. I didn't really pay much attention to this product last year so it wasn't until he was demonstrated i realised just how pink it is. This is quite a clever product as not only will it clean it also moisturises at the same time, perfect for lazy people like myself. This scent is hard to explain as it's combination of fruit and marshmallow but it's one to check out.

Love you, love you lots, soap £4.25 for 100g - A truly beautiful rose soap which is very cute and girly. Filled with rose oil, rose syrup and fresh rose petals you can get yourself in a lovely romantic lather.

Kiss me quick, wash card £2.00 - I don't think i have ever been so amazed by how genius a Lush product is before this and I've never seen anything like it. It was the first time i have come across their wash cards and it was far from what i was expecting. This is a soap in a card form which is made from apple pulp, some might think whats the point but this means it's perfect for travelling and sharing as you can tear little pieces off. It has a lovely fresh citrus scent with lemons and limes and also contains ylang ylang so is nice and uplifting.

Love spell, massage bar £5.95 - I love a good Lush massage so being pampered to an arm massage with this at the event was lovely and a really nice way to see this bar in action. The cocoa butter melts on body contact and leaves the skin moisturised and smooth as well as being quickly absorbed so isn't greasy and annoying. It also has a lovely subtle floral scent with rose hip, carnation and neroli.

The kiss, lip scrub & lip gloss £5.75 & £5.95 - We all love a Lush lip scrub, if you don't than why not they're amazing! A special valentines sugar and fine sea salt scrub with edible hearts will get those lips in tip top condition for smooching. On top of those lovely polished lips there's also the kiss lip gloss which will add a sheer baby pink shimmer to make them irresistible.

Gift sets from £9.95 - £39.95 - As always there are some lovely gift sets available from all price points and product ranges. Each gift set looks super pretty and presentable with lovely wrapping paper and bows. My personal favourite would have to be the Happy valentines day set for £19.95 as it contains a nice range of the bath products and i love a good soak in the bath.

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