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Friday, 13 January 2017

Making the most out of the year with 17 month agenda - magic hour from Rooi £27.95 (shop here)*

One thing I'm best at doing is procrastinating and it drives me wild. I want to be one of these people who has their shit together and knows exactly what their doing and when. That's what your meant to be like when your an adult right? Clearly i missed the memo or more truthfully i looked at it for hours instead of doing it. Last year i got myself a planer and started writing down weekly to do lists and dates with friends etc. and i actually found myself starting to do more but then i kind of stopped when Esmé come along. This year from the get go I'm saying no to letting life pass me by and i figured the best way to do so was to get myself a nice new planner that I'm going to want to fill. 

Cue the magic hour 17 month agenda, yes it does start from August last year but that's no reason to pass it by. In fact I'm using that part to write in the memorable dates like a diary, cause I'm sentimental like that. I chose this planner as it's interactive and i need something to visually draw me in to keep me interested, a bit like a child i suppose. The layout of this is perfect as each month starts with a nice picture and quote and then you have your monthly view followed by weekly views. This allows a lot of room to plan each day, perfect for busy bees and mums. What i also love is the positive theme pumped through the whole planner as on each week there's little suggestions like "get your butt to the beach and grab all the shells", "catch an outdoor concert" and "draw your feelings". All quirky little things that i wouldn't think of doing but would inject some fun and something different into the week. There's also random compliments scattered through out and who doesn't like reading something nice every now and then. Plus did i mention it comes with some pretty rad stickers AND a secret girl code *wink*.

I've started this year with a pretty big mind set to start meal prepping to eat more healthy and to do more fun things with friends. Now that i have somewhere to write all these plans down I can clearly focus on daily tasks and what i want to get out of each week. Don't get me wrong i don't want to go from one extreme to the other but a nice middle ground would be great. Personally for me this is the best way to clear my mind and make things happen. Not only that the artistic side to me is beyond excited to have an excuse to use stickers, washi tape and multi-coloured pens on a frequent basis. So here's to focusing on work and doing more fun things instead of just sat on the sofa thinking about it all.
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