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Monday, 16 January 2017

My current flawless makeup base

Not that i get to spend a lot of time doing a full face of makeup these days but when i do these are the products I'm reaching for repeatedly to wipe the tiered mum face away. My base products are what i care about the most and spend the most time and not to mention money on. The way i see it after skincare products your base products are important as it's what all your other makeup is going to sit on and is going to make them shine. 

No7 Airbrush away primer £16.50 - This primer has a very soft creamy texture and is great for using all over the face. It doesn't quite fill all my pores but it does blur them slightly and gives a nice smooth base for my foundation to go on. I also find this primer very hydrating and not heavy so it feels comfortable on my skin as well as benefiting my makeup. I can't really say if it makes my makeup last better through the day but i do feel my foundation sits better when i do use this. 

Bobbi Brown corrector, shade porcelain peach £19.50 - A luxury buy, in fact a purchase i made for my wedding makeup but well worth it. I suffer with dark circles, the fact that I'm a mum just makes sure they're not going away anytime soon. I'm very fair and my under eye circles are purple so this shade counter acts this colour perfectly and gives a good even skin tone for my foundation to go on. This isn't a product i use every time i do my makeup however on special occasions or if they're really horrific i will. I apply this with my finger and it blends wonderfully as it's soft and creamy. It's also very pigmented so a little goes a long way and i have found too much in the under eye area can cause creasing so less is more. 

Urban Decay all nighter liquid foundation, shade 2.0 £27 - This foundation is just wow, hello, yes please! That is if you want a high coverage foundation with minimal effort. I usually find urban decay hard to match as I'm so pale but thankfully in this foundation it matches quite well. I have combination skin and find this works really well for me however around my nose (which is oily) by the end of the day it is breaking down and you can see the shine from the oils. Which sounds rather unpleasant when put like that but a little powder on top can hold it at bay for a touch longer if needs be. 

Urban decay naked concealer, shade light warm £17.50 - As you can see from the photo this is a product i use a lot and is well loved. I'm sure you've already read all about this much hyped product so it's no real surprise that this would make it in my routine. I love how creamy and blendable this is and this shade really works for adding a natural looking highlight to my face. My only slight issue that I have with this product is that over some foundations when I'm blending with a sponge it can lift the foundation away. 

YSL Touche ├ęclat concealer, shade 1 £25 - This is a product i will certainly reach for if i haven't used the Bobbie Brown corrector to cancel out my dark circles. As this shade has a radiant peach tone it covers under eye circles really well, as well as adding brightness. I use this whether doing a full face or a quick 5 minute makeup, it just works. 

MAC Studio care blend pressed powder, shade light £21 - One of the best powders i have used hands down. Soft, smooth, fine and creamy it's wonderful to apply and feels so nice to wear. Unlike other powders this almost feels like its hydrating the skin as you wear it and gives slight coverage so your not building to much colour on top of everything else. It locks everything in place with a not overly matte finish making you look flawless not cakey.  This finishes off my perfect base and gives a beautiful surface for blush and other powder products to be applied too. 
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