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Friday, 20 January 2017

Smelling of roses with Paul Smith Rose

Paul Smith Rose eau do parfum 100ml £28.50 (shop here)

"A rose by any other name might be something you'd expect..." - Paul Smith

The beauty of a rose seems to be endless, be it from it's looks, scent or meaning.  My boys will often buy me a bunch of roses to have in the front room and even when they've truly had their day i still see such beauty in them.  My mum knows me all to well and for Christmas bought me one of my favourite perfumes and although I'm not the best at describing scents i had to share this beauty. 

Notes: Top notes, Turkish rose and magnolia
             Heart notes, Green tea, rose and violet
             Base notes, Cedar and musk.

As much as i love roses i do find their scent can be quite off putting if it's not sweet, not that i have anything against it but i think some rose perfumes can smell quite mature. This perfume is sweet and delicate and compliments the coming spring months perfectly.  Perfumes do smell different on people so i would advise spraying a little on your wrists and leaving it awhile so you can see if it wears well on you. For me it smells of subtle freshly cut roses and fades wonderfully on my skin over time. I find it compliments so many looks and moods as it can be sophisticated, sensual and playful. Because of this i wear it a lot so bravo to mum on buying me the big bottle. A modern take on a rose perfume i truly feel it's worth paying attention too. 

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