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Friday, 17 March 2017

NYX matte finish makeup setting spray

NYX Matte finish setting spray £7 (shop here)

When you apply your makeup and it looks incredible you want to keep it that way for as long as you possibly can. After all we don't spend all our time creating a masterpiece for it to be ruined by something as insignificant as a bit of oily skin. For a while i wasn't convinced that setting sprays actually done anything or was worth the money, until i come across the Urban Decay all nighter. 

So why am i doing a review and mentioning another brand, because this little NYX beauty is just as good for a fraction of the price and who doesn't love a bargain. When the NYX counter opened at my local Boots i was kindly invited to a special blogger first look and the lovely lad who was working there told me all about this spray and how i needed to try it. Of course i bought it there and then and it didn't disappoint. 

Pre setting sprays I've heard of woman (and shamelessly done myself) using hairspray to set their makeup on a night out. I'm not 100% that it even worked and the thought of my face smelling of hairspray and that horrid tacky feeling makes my cringe. This spray is completely on the other end of the scale as it doesn't have a scent, it doesn't feel tacky and it certainly does something. In fact my favourite benefit of this spray is that it can get rid of a powdery appearance. In the world of Instagram style makeup and baking etc. all the powder that is applied can look not so great in real life but with a misting of this spray it takes away that over powdered look and gives a more natural appearance. You can also use this with your eyeshadow to create a "wet" eyeshadow look to really make your eyes pop.

NYX also have a dewy finish spray but as i like a matte finish to my makeup i opted for this one. I'm very happy with how it performs for my combination skin and it makes my makeup last longer so it's a winner for me. 

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