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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Pamper yourself with Rituals Ayurveda gift set

 Rituals Ayurveda gift set £29.50 (shop here) 

It's no secret that i am obsessed with skincare products and enjoy luxurious things. I first come across this brand and gift set a few days before my wedding as i wanted to really pamper myself, now every time i smell this it reminds me of my wedding day. This set contains products with Indian rose and is delicate and sweet, perfect for rose fans. 

This set includes everything needed to make your skin incredibly smooth and glowing and is why i have repurchased more than once. Starting with the Himalaya salt scrub this gently buffs away rough and dead skin cells whilst moisturising at the same time as it is packed with amazing oils. As the buffing ingredient is salt it also dissolves so is environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about getting silky smooth. Next the Yogi flow shower foam might not sound like a luxurious item but this is so rich and creamy it feels miles away from your average shower gel. I have even switched my shaving foam to this as it foams up so well and as it is so rich it means the razor glides wonderfully on it. 

Now my favourite product in this set and what i use every time i bathe without fail is the Yogi delight shower oil. Instantly moisturising and hydrating it seals in moisture and leaves your skin insanely smooth and since using after shaving i have noticed a major improvement on shaving rash. Simply add a few pumps in your hand, rub all over watching it turn from an oil more into a milk and rinse off. Lastly, just to really amp up the silky smoothness is the Honey touch body cream. This rich and moisturising body cream includes honey, Shea butter and with the addition of Indian rose not only are you irresistibly smooth but also have that delicate sweet smell.

This set is perfect as a gift to a loved one or even to yourself to try the wonderful Rituals products like i done for myself. With all the products a little goes a long way so it lasts awhile, which i also like as it's worth the money and it comes in a beautiful gift box.

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