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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Fashion with Tobi

 Scrolling through instagram swooning over fashion and trends I'd love to wear is probably how I spend too much of my time. There's no getting away from gorgeous clothes posed oh so perfectly as you scroll through your feed. Well if your feed is anything like mine anyway.

When asked to collaborate I took the opportunity to dive a little out of my comfort zone and try to styalize pieces I wouldn't necessarily gravitate towards. Be daring for once with fashion and ditch the stripy t-shirt and jeans, I thought to myself whilst looking through their pieces. I must admit it was much easier than I first thought as Tobi has such a vast range of beautiful clothes. At first I was expecting a similar quality as Romwe with sizing and items being a little hit and miss but each garment is amazing quality and nicely put together. Clothes that give you the feeling of being worth the money and are now a brand firmly on my radar. 

Eden ribbed cami bodysuit
In between ribbed sweater
Liberty lace up skirt

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